Katalepsy – Autopsychosis Review

From watching drummer Evgeny Novikov’s playthrough of Body Bags For The Gods (a contender for the coolest song name of 2013), it’s evident that Katalepsy have created something special. In a genre that’s often associated with mediocrity (Pathology, anyone?) and bizarre album covers depicting women in a variety of states, Autopsychosis is a breath of fresh air for brutal death metal. The six years between their debut Musick Brings Injuries and this album have done the band good – with a stable line up, Russia’s Katalepsy prove what they are capable of.

Album opener Lurking In The Depth wastes no time in destroying everything within a five mile radius. The song demonstrates that Katalepsy’s brand of brutal death metal is more technical than many of the band’s contemporaries whilst remaining fairly catchy. Memorable riffs and lead parts are scattered throughout its three-and-a-half minute running time. Vocalist Igor Filimonstev of Big End Bolt fame demonstrates his versatility too – he jumps between some insanely good gutturals and mid-range growls at the drop of a hat, something he carries on throughout the rest of the record.

Production-wise, Autopsychosis is absolutely fantastic. Gone are the overly-used samples and the poor production job that plagued the band’s debut. The drums are placed perfectly, never being overbearing. The guitar tone is great too, and is often reminiscent of the tones found on old-school death metal records like Left Hand Path or Scream Bloody Gore. The bass guitar is incredibly audible too, and is never overshadowed by the other instruments. Anatoly Shishilov’s bass track is nothing but a pleasure to listen to. The forty minute running time of Autopsychosis sees him throw in some awesome sweeps often over the top of the various slams that the band plays.

Really though, it’s Nokikov’s drumming that makes Katalepsy the absolute beast that they are. Nokikov’s speed and precision is damn-near breathtaking – even if Autopsychosis was forty minutes of drum tracks and nothing else it would still be amazing to listen to. That being said though, Nokikov really shines during the extended blast sections found in songs such as The Pulse Of Somnambulist and Cold Flesh Citadel. Really, the stamina the guy possesses to play these songs live should be recognized and admired too.

All things considered, Autopsychosis is an exhausting listen. Breathing room comes in the form of Needles Of Hypocrisy, an interesting interlude which sees Katalepsy play an extended solo over a clean arpeggio. Listeners may see the resemblance between The Faceless’s Shape Shifters. It would have worked better halfway through the record to break up the sheer brutality the band delivers. Really though, who cares? Autopsychosis set out to be a devastatingly heavy listen, and it’s exactly that. If this is what the future for brutal death metal looks like then we should welcome it with open arms. Autopsychosis is a damn-near masterpiece that anybody into the genre should hastily indulge themselves in.



1. Lurking In The Depth

2. Evidence Of Near Death (E.N.D.)

3. Body Bags For The Gods

4. Cold Flesh Citadel

5. The Pulse Of Somnambulist

6. Unearthly Urge To Supremacy

7. Gore Conspiracy

8. Amongst Phantom Worlds

9. Needles Of Hypocrisy (Interlude)

10. Knifed Humility

11. Taedium Vitae


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