Icarus the Owl to do Kickstarter Album

The title says it all; Icarus the Owl is working on a new album and is turning to Kickstarter to help get their music out to the masses. The guys are going to start recording in October and hopefully have the album out in February of 2014. The usual applies to a Kickstarter based music project; depending on how much money you give the band to support them (or pledge, as the site refers to it), you will get a reward from the band in addition to getting their album as soon as it comes out. The more money you give, the better the gift from the band will be. Head on over to their official Kickstarter page to to see what they are offering and support a great independent band.



One thought on “Icarus the Owl to do Kickstarter Album

  1. Having an issue with the link posting the video instead of the link at the Kickstarter so I also put their Facebook below it. It’s one of the first things they have posted on their wall. Also, here is the kickstarter link here:

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