Humiliation – Turbulence from the Deep


This turbulence doesn’t quite cause a tsunami

Humiliation are a rare type of metal band. Metal has often been seen as a western genre of music, with bands from the east appearing few and far between. Humiliation on the other hand come from the eastern country of Malaysia, and in addition they provide some of the deepest and darkest death metal seen in a long while. But it does have its fair share of flaws.

Turbulence from the Deep is not a pretty album, neither is it an organised album. There is very little technicality here, just tonnes of deep grinding death metal. The album appears to lack an obvious structure and is comprised of riffs stacked upon riffs stacked upon even more riffs. From its opening moments to its last, Turbulence from the Deep tries to brawl its way to victory, and whilst lacking in finesse. It does have a large amount of power behind it.

But this power is exactly what makes the album so difficult to listen to. There is no focus to this power, so it just dissipates and spirals off into different directions. The guitars seem content to slam into each other over and over again. The bass is tangled with the drums and is unable to get it’s head up. And the vocals are barely recognisable amidst the swirling mass of noise.

But, if you take this into account, then surely an album such as this would have an exceptional amount of variety? There happens to be some on a song to song level as the music shifts between different tempos and styles, but there is little overall alteration of sound. But aside from that, Turbulence from the Deep is boring and extremely repetitive.

There in lies the death kneel for Turbulence from the Deep, the album is simply far too boring for it’s own good. Each song when taken individually is petty interesting, with the band working together well. But for this album, it simply looks like the band have performed variations of the same song and stuck them all one after the other. Towards the end you will be slamming your head against the wall wishing that the band would try something new, because you know that the band would perform admirably.

In the end, the submarine on the album art sums the band up extremely well. In warfare, a submarine would sneak up on its prey undetected, get into a firing position and utterly destroy it. Once it is happy with the destruction it has caused the submarine will sneak away once more; it is methodical, thought out, but extremely boring. Humiliation have created the death metal version of a nuclear attack submarine, they do the same thing over and over again, and whilst they get the job done, they manage to do it in the most boring way possible.



1. No Return
2. Operation Obeo One
3. Phosphorus Shell
4. Calibrated Chaos
5. Bachok’s Invasion
6. Sea Denial
7. Home Front
8. Total War
9. Order Of Battle
10. The Deadly DoubleBand website:
11. Submerged At The Seabed (Outro)


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