Entombed Reissues


Swedish death metal pioneers Entombed are reissuing their three mid-career albums, DCLVXI: To Ride, Shoot Straight and Tell the Truth, Same Difference and Uprising, with help from PledgeMusic.

These reissues will each be remastered, containing special packaging and bonus material, including rare demos, b-sides and other extra features.
The records will also be available on vinyl and as a digital download.

Exclusive t-shirts, with designs made specifically for this campaign, as well as 7″ singles, with the track to be decided by the fans, are to be created for each of the albums. In addition, signed copies of each of the CDs and vinyls, and many different bundles are available to pre-order.

Throughout the campaign, all those who pledge will have access to exclusive content in the backstage updates area, where music, images and news will be posted for pledgers only.

A percentage of the proceeds from these reissue pre-orders will be donated to The Wacken Foundation, a non-profit foundation which dedicates itself to the support of hard rock and heavy metal music.

Guitarist Alex Hellid comments:
“Much of our catalogue has not been available for a long time as we’ve been searching for the best option to re-release these albums for fans worldwide for years. With PledgeMusic, we’ve found the ideal partner that helps us to do it our own way, so that the fans can be sure that the reissues are fully controlled by Entombed, with full support and co-operation from Threeman Recordings (our own evil empire version of a record company. We want to present these albums in the best possible way, so we’re going to remaster all of them. We may even make an alternative and/or remix of some tracks or album available along the way as well as dig out some demo versions. Personally, I just can’t get enough of that stuff myself when it comes to other peoples’ music. Just love to hear things in different ways and get a glimpse of the process.
It’s gonna be fun to work on all that and give you updates on how it’s all playing out. Hopefully we’ll be able to bond with whoever has got questions throughout this campaign, which will just make this all even more interesting and help us relive and revel in this flesh! Been waiting a really long time to do this and I am very, very excited to finally be here!”






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