Outsider Interview


Outsider are an upcoming hardcore band from Southampton. Like their peers that have come before them; they operate in a metallic-hardcore sound; offering up some heavy and irresistibly groovy riffs in their songs. 2013 has proved a promising year for the band, releasing their debut demo and playing a series of gigs. I caught up with vocalist Sam Walley to ask him a few questions about the band’s bright future and background.

Thank you for your time, would you like to introduce yourself and the rest of the band?

Hey man, thanks for your time too! There’s 4 of us all together at the moment, me on vocals, Sam Spake on bass, Jack Orba on guitar and Brad Barter on drums. We’re actually looking for a guitarist currently, any one interested should email: outsiderhxc@gmail.com

Sweet! As the frontman of Outsider, what would you say is the style you are likening yourselves to?

I know a lot of band members say this in interviews, but that’s a really difficult question, haha. Our demo was kind of doom meets rock meets hardcore, our next release is going to be a lot heavier though. We’re experimenting a lot with death metal/slam right now. There’s a teaser up on YouTube at the moment of our new track ‘Misery’, check it out!

I certainly have, it kills! Like my previous question, what would you say is your greatest influence on your music? Both collectively and as an individual in the band.

I’m a massive fan of heavy music in general, collectively we all like Black Sabbath, Pantera, Hatebreed, Slayer and The Acacia Strain haha, it’s a mix but that’s the bands that really stand out for us. We’re all fans of local lads Desolated as well.

It’s clear that Outsider are not alone in the Southampton music scene – what’s your opinion on the UYC and the scene in Southampton?

The UYC are rad man, they revived our scene and a lot of people are grateful for that. Before they came down it was just big tour packages every few months and the odd Desolated show, now it’s dope UKHC bands every few weeks. There’s a lot of talent in Southampton at the moment. The ones to watch out for are: Nihility, No Excuse, Infiltrated, Savage Youth and Desolated.

Totally love No Excuse & Nihility, man. Tell me, what do you enjoy most about the music you play?

For me it’s the raw visceral energy or the shows, people jumping into eachother and shouting your lyrics back at you, it’s such a rewarding experience. I also enjoy the lyrical content; hardcore, for me; is a genre where you can really write what you think and feel instead of conforming to an ideal.

Outsider Group Shot

Are you pleased with how your 2013 Demo has turned out and been received?

Yeah for sure. We were really shocked how well it was received. We’re proud of the demo and are really happy that people get a kick out of listening to it, we’re thinking about getting a run of limited tapes done, they’ll be up for pre-order on our big cartel if we do.

Speaking of which, what future releases do you have planned?

We’re in the process of writing an EP at the moment actually, it’s a complete separation from the sound of the demo. We’re incorporating a lot more doom and death metal in this one. Hopefully people enjoy it!

What is the best thing about playing live?

Just being able to share a stage with my friends and play music together is a blessing in itself. And it’s always a winner when you play to a good crowd that gets involved.

Absolutely man. Finally, where are Outsider looking at playing next?

The next show we have confirmed for sure is the Halloween UYC fest, there’s a few house shows in the pipe lines aswell. Promoters need to book us more, haha!

Again, thank you very much for your time man!

So there you have it, promoters get at Outsider! A lot of talent in that band that deserves to be spread to new audiences.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/OutsiderHC
BANDCAMP/DEMO FREE DOWNLOAD: http://outsiderhc.bandcamp.com/
BIG CARTEL: http://outsiderhc.bigcartel.com/


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