New Circles Song


Australian progressive metal / djent band Circles have released a new song that is available for free download, entitled ‘As it is Above’. The track is the second from their forthcoming debut album, announced as Infinitas, due for a Spring 2013 release.

The album is set to take the band into previously uncharted waters with a fresh sound that is uniquely Circles. Mixing up cutting edge production techniques and innovative progressive metal that pushes the boundaries of the listener’s experience, the album is dripping with melody throughout, with hidden elements of electronica, topped off with some of the finest vocal delivery since Mike Patton’s lungs arrived on the musical landscape.

The song is able to be downloaded once joining the band’s mailing list. Signing up will also give you access to their weekly video series which tells the story of Infinitas and how it came to be:

Watch the trailer for Infinitas here:

Previously, ‘Another Me’ was released with a music video on YouTube and available for free download from Basick Records’ BandCamp page:


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