Night Demon – Night Demon EP


We are the Night Demon!

Despite their very best efforts, Night Demon will fail to become a member of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) club. This is due to the fact that they are from California and are thus unable to apply for membership to this esteemed establishment. But in the same way that being kicked out of a band didn’t stop Steve Harris, Night Demon are determined to overcome their biggest flaw and make it big in the world of post-British heavy metal.

Despite not being from the British Isles, Night Demon have a very British feel to them, and their self titled EP is composed of thirteen minutes of pure metal. Depending on the band, thirteen minutes can either sound incredibly long or incredibly short. In Night Demon’s case, the EP is brutally short, and the album leaves you wanting more. Which should be considered a bonus considering that is the whole point of an EP.

Night Demon opens up with an impressive riff telling you that the band has arrived and is ready to kick ass. ‘Night Demon’ the self titled track is impressive enough to have been allowed onto any of the major NWOBHM band’s own albums. Everything on this album runs under four minutes a piece, but manages to leave an impression that stays with you much longer.

Whether it is the fast and brutal opening track ‘Night Demon’ or tracks like the slower chugging ‘The Chalice’. The band manages to deliver on the fast and slow. The vocalist does a good job of keeping up, and his style of singing keeps with the style required for this type of music, sounding powerful and always under control.

Musically the album is impressive with good work from all the involved stations. The rhythm section do their job well and both the drummer and the bassist deserve credit for keeping impeccable timing. The guitars are everything you’d expect from this type of band, they hit you again and again with an unrelenting assault. The only downside is the production, which occasionally lets the band down in places.

Night Demon EP is short and sweet, far too short to be a good indication of what the band is capable of. But opening predictions seem to be good, and if they manage to produce an album of equal quality (but increased production levels) as the EP, then it should be a good investment for a NWOBHM fan, but in the meantime obtain the EP, you may be surprised. There are no instant-classics of the genre here, but as far as debuts go, you can’t get much better than this.




1. Night Demon

2. The Chalice

3. Ancient Evil

4. Ritual


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