Surpuissance – Affamé de Metal


Surpuissance prove that the throwback revolution in heavy metal is not for the western hemisphere alone.

In terms of musical styling heavy metal has a basic universal appeal. No matter what language or culture, everyone can seem to agree that a solid riff is a solid riff. Storming out of France to join the current wave of thrash and revival heavy metal bands is Surpuissance (translates to Superpower) with their release Affame Du Metal (Starving for Metal). The band draws influence from all levels of the old school elite. Musically reflecting the cream of the late 80s and early 90s thrash movements one can hear shades  of Megadeth and Overkill in the music here. Technical and up tempo the band keeps a high velocity pace through the entire release.

Formed in 2010, Surpuissance consists of singer/guitarist Black, bassist Athe Fab and drummer Armageddon (does not get much more metal than that!). All three prove extremely capable in their instrumentation and songwriting. One thing that is really appreciative here is that the band performs in their native French language; this helps to lend an air of individuality to their music. Musically the band keeps pace with the areas they draw influence from. Being a trio the bass is given a bit more of a spotlight than usual. The drum work is fast and frenetic and full of interesting fills and time signature changes. The production has a very old school vibe to it, and this certainly sounds like something that could have been released back in 1991. It works for this release, though I wish the bass drum was a little louder in the mix, as it tends to get lost with the bass and toms on occasion. Otherwise the production suits the music quite well.

Metal and thrash in general has not changed much over the years. I think it is great that bands like Surpuissance are giving us new songs using the classic formula. Killer riffs and great musicianship along with the ability to write a decent musical hook to keep the songs cohesive. Still, the main drawback in this approach is that bands can not reinvent the wheel. Many of the ideas here have been used before, and having heard this, there are other bands out there that running with a similar (if not the same) idea. There is a lot to enjoy on this release. Agression Metallique Positive is a killer track, with a groove oriented flair and makes for excellent listening. Affame Du Metal is a release worth checking out for both the retro vibes and the excellent technical ability of the band. The French language singing is a killer added bonus and gives the music a needed edge in a saturated market.

Track list:

1. Supruissance

2. Animal

3. Affame de Metal

4. Rescape du Chaos

5. Agression Metallique Positive

6. Super Zero

7. Sang Limite

8. Exaucer A Mort

9. Laisser Ma Trace


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