Parasite Inc. – Time Tears Down


Dieser Tod Maschine wird sicherlich uns alle töten!

Teutonic Death Metal, how I have missed thee, let me count the ways. As a huge fan of bands like Kreator and Sodom I have always enjoyed a good romp under the musical sheets with German/European thrash metal. I also have an obscene love of technical death metal (Death and Athiest) so when bands like the aforementioned Kreator started blending in some melodic death type songwriting into their last release, my hopes for an ultimate blending of the two styles was kindled. Parasite Inc. are the band that set the fire alight. Their impending release, ‘Time Tears Down’ is a well-balanced fusion of fast paced, technical butchery infused with the shredding riffage that comes from the European death metal scene.

The pure enjoyment that I had while listening to this is incalculable. When it comes to death metal bands often fall into one of several categories; heavily technical with poor song structure, brutally heavy but lacking technicality, Melodic, but lacking brutality, I think one can see where this is going. Parasite Inc. take of all those elements and blend them into a living, breathing work of art. The guitars (handled by Kai Bigler and Kevin Sierra) are decimating, they hit that “sweet spot” in terms of distortion and tone that just screams of the 90s death metal scene, but add just the right amount of thrash metal groove to make it fresh. Benjamin Stelzer is a beast behind the drum kit; remarkably technical he achieves the essential death metal tone without sounding overly mechanical. Fast paced with excellent fills and cymbal work any burgeoning drummer (that favors the heavier side of music) needs to listen to this; this is how you work a kit without sounding like a drum machine. Stefan Krämer’s bass is fitting for the music, though this is one area of the release that they could have stepped it up a notch. One of the best aspects of melodic death metal is usually the spidery, present bass work that adds that extra element to set it apart. There is nothing wrong with the bass work here, it does however stay extremely close to the rhythm.

The vocals are a great mix of thrash and death metal tones, Kai (yes he handles leads and vocals) does a masterful job here. They have that harsh German edge to them and sit firmly in the middle ground of the spectrum; not to keep mentioning Death and Kreator but imagine if Chuck and Mille had a baby… With all of those elements in place the band puts the last nail in the coffin with their songwriting. Sticking with the usual gamut of themes for the genre they are able to craft excellent songs that have an absurd amount of structure and flow. Melody, without flow is often misused by bands trying to cater to different sets of fans. Parasite Inc. does here naturally what so many bands fail to do. Their songs have the elements working in consonance and are downright pit worthy with memorable, scream along choruses. ‘Pulse Of the Dead’ is a four of the best musical minutes that one can listen to this year. This track is symbolic of the entire album; gritty, melodic and infused with an unbreakable rhythm and knack for proper song structure and transition.

Over the past few years I have been left mostly under-whelmed with the death metal scene. Too many bands either trying to reinvent the wheel or just throwing shit to the wall to see what sticks. Parasite Inc. take a proven formula and perfect it. It may not be the most original release ever, but that is no reason to detract from what is in the end a terrific listening experience.


Track List:

1. Fire the Machines

2. Back For War

3. Time Tears Down

4. Chaos Inside

5. Function or Perish

6. Armageddon 16 To 9

7. Pulse of the Dead

8. Scapegoat

9. In the Dark

10. Unmeant Outcasts

11. Hatefilled

12. The End of Illusion

13. Dead Life (bonus track)


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