Attila – About That Life


Started in 2005 by some friends fresh out of high school, Attila took a while to rise out of the local deathcore scene. In 2010 they had attained enough success to sign to Artery Recordings for their 3rd release, Rage, and went on tour with some household names of the genre. A year later they garnered the reputation of riffs, headbanging, breakdowns, and rap screams with the breakthrough release of Outlawed. So when they went in the studio to record their 5th album, their audience had high expectations and quite frankly, Attila have failed. About That Life is a subpar release that fails at imitating the band’s success from their previous two albums.

Attila appears to have the impression that wringing out the better moments from previous recordings will result in more success. All this resulted in is an abundance of unnecessary breakdowns and recycled riffs. The lyrics have always been ridiculous when compared to their contemporaries but now they’re completely over the top: “You can do anything you want in life, just don’t be a f***ing b*tch.” The famed rap screams are barely enjoyable as a result of the boring and repetitive nature of the songs in which they are found. Fronz is a decent screamer but he and his band are puking up the dreadful results of choking on a fat ego. A few of the riffs aren’t bad either, and the solos are fun at times as well but the rhythms aren’t good enough for them to sit on. Examples of this are the tracks Backtalk, Callout, Shots For The Boys, and Party With The Devil.

At fourteen tracks and a running time of 37 minutes (all songs of 3 minutes or less), there is simply too much material on the album in order to retain the interest of the listener. Both the album length, the overuse of breakdowns and Fronz’s large ego will definitely ward off potential listeners. Whilst the album shows potential in its use of catchy hooks, enjoyable riffs and (rarely) well-placed breakdowns, this is all undermined by the overwhelming stupidity of trying to build upon previous success with a formula drowned in old ideas. Attila has much work to do if they are to recover from this travesty.



1. Middle Fingers Up
2. Hellraiser
3. Rageaholics
4. Backtalk
5. Leave A Message
6. About That Life
7. Thug Life
8. Break Shit
9. Gimmicks and Lie$
10. Callout
11. Unforgivable
12. Shots for the Boys
13. Party With The Devil
14. The New Kings

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