Scale the Summit – The Migration


Like progressive rock? How about adventure stories? Ok, why did I even ask those questions? Eh, whatever, I hope you know what Scale the Summit is. StS is a talented progressive rock band which flavors of rock go deep into what some like to call “adventure rock.” They’ve traveled all over the sub-genre with notable albums such as Monument, Carving Desert Canyons, and most impressive The Collective. Their newest effort, The Migration, is no exception. It continues to flourish.
While the previous album, The Collective was a darker album that held more grounds in prog metal and heavy metal in general. The Migration is a more cohesive album, which not to mention covers both prog metal and heavy rock; it also touches retrospective and modern genres such as alternative rock and lighter progressive rock. This is to Scale the Summit’s advantage.
Another high point of Scale the Summit’s The Migration is that it continues to be as complex as ever, perhaps even more than usual. The basslines are providing even better roots and a sturdy foundation and Chris Letchford and Travis Levrier return the favor with thorns and branches full of guitar riffs and soloistic passages that have the ability to blow the mind. These instrumental techniques twist and grow perfectly with the album.
However, keep in mind that the exploration of Scale the Summit’s boundaries haven’t changed much. They’ve kept the same principles and strategies to create their studio efforts. This also in certain ways means a lack of originality. This is not a huge problem for Scale the Summit quite yet, but if they want to continue being clever, incredible, and adventurous, they’re going to have to take some further steps to being even better and more importantly, safer as a prog rock band in the near future.
Not much has to be said about the Migration. It is a highly unique effort that has provided a massive ground for several different musical genres at once along with a beautiful complex edge, like every other album they’ve made. There is a hope, that they will continue their “migration”, or “adventure” in a creative direction if they want to continue sounding great. Even so, The Migration is a job well done.



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