Wise Girl – Interview


After reviewing their EP last week I had a chance to ask some questions of the group! Their EP Wise Girl is available now and definitely worth checking out!

For Abby – You cite some unique influences for your style (Letters to Cleo, Weezer) and they certainly shine through on the EP. Any other bands from that era (or any others) that you specifically relate to?

Some other influences of mine are The Muffs who are a power pop band from the 90’s and one of my favorite bands EVER! I grew up in Long Island where there was a pretty good punk scene, so I listened to a lot of pop/punk growing up among lots of other stuff. I am also a huge Beatles and Elvis Costello fan. My musical influences range from Billie Holiday to Ramones to Katy Perry (yes, I LOVE her) and more recently I am obsessed with Allison Weiss whose album “Say What You Mean” is amazing.

I also really enjoyed your vocal delivery on the EP, any favorite performers that you looked to for inspiration?

I always loved Kim Shattuck of The Muffs’ voice because it was so unique. When I was young I was really insecure about my voice because it was a little different. When I heard The Muffs for the first time, I was about 13 or so and I was blown away by how awesome and different Kim’s voice was and it made me feel more comfortable knowing there was someone else out there with a “different” type of voice performing. 

For the band – Being from New York, there are some killer club to play in, what is your favorite place to put on a show?

Our favorite venue that we have played so far is the Knitting Factory. We played there in October with The Dollyrots and Prima Donna and it was such an awesome show, definitely our favorite! 

This being 2013 you all really captured the 90’s vibe of the burgeoning singer/songwriter movement, did you use any vintage equipment during your recording process? Also what do you like to play live (gear wise)?

 Lots of vintage microphones, compressors and pre amps. Chris uses a Les Paul and sometimes a Telecaster. Abby plays a Telecaster and sometimes her hot pink glitter Daisy Rock guitar.  Harry plays the drums 🙂

If you had to pick one cover song to add to your upcoming full length release what would it be?

Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You”

What is on your MP3 players right now?

Abby- Allison Weiss, The Beatles, Damone, Tegan and Sara, Beach Boys, Sinatra, Melanie Fiona.

Chris- Every Time I Die, Foo Fighters, Owsley, Jelly Fish, Billy Joel, Black Crows.

Harry- The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles!

If you could open for any one artist who would it be?

Tegan and Sara (Abby’s choice)

Looking towards the future, what do summer plans for the band look like?

We are currently halfway done mixing the record, getting ready for the release in September and just trying to finish everything up. There is so much work that goes into releasing a full length, thank god for our publicist who is a ROCKSTAR! 

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us, any final words or thoughts?

Thanks for hanging out with us! Look out for our new album titled, “You’ll Just Have to Wait” we will be releasing in September on iTunes! Help us bring rock back to life!



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