The Lowest – The Lowest EP

EP cover art

Europe’s hardcore scene is on top form right now, as many bands take influence from British bands such as TRC and Six Ft Ditch and choose to up the ante, resulting in far stronger releases. The Lowest are one such band. Hailing from Warsaw, listeners may be surprised when they discover the seven tracks presented here are the band’s first recordings.

Summing the band’s sound up proves to be quite the feat – The Lowest clearly take influence from the metallic hardcore sound popularised by US giants Trapped Under Ice and Expire, but listeners may relate the ambient arpeggios and the groovy riffs the band employs on album highlight “The Glass” with Brutality Will Prevail. The song begins with an ominous broken chord pattern with a creepy voice singing in a somber manner “We are the lowest, there is no hope for us/There’s no tomorrow, we break like glass.” before building up into a climax towards the end of the song with the introduction of gang chants.

Vocally, singer Bartek sounds similar to Frank Carter of ex-Gallows fame, and the second track “King of Pain” could be mistaken for a Grey Britain b-side. Bartek’s lyrics often revolve around the topics of war, self-loathing and even the apocalypse. His delivery of lines such as “Blood and sweat means nothing here, pain is worth shit/This world is a place I won’t miss” is absolutely furious, and he proves himself as one of the best upcoming vocalists in the EU scene. Production-wise as well, there are no flaws. The band utilizes a gritty bass tone similar to that of Punch which acts as the backbone to the songs and everything is perfectly placed. The production job here immediately puts them leagues above other bands in the genre.

Overall, the band’s debut EP has few flaws. It’s the perfect length and it plays on their influences incredibly well – often times it is too punky to be put alongside bands such as Trapped Under Ice or Nasty, and it’s too heavy to be put alongside Ceremony and Trash Talk. The Lowest have found a nice balance with enough diversity to keep each song memorable, and they are defintiely one band to keep on your radar.



  1. Killing Time
  2. King of Pain
  3. Warmaker
  4. Graveyard
  5. Like Glass
  6. Onkalo
  7. Lowest

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