Wise Girl – Wise Girl


It is often with trepidation that I step outside of my comfort zone when reviewing a new band. While I dabble in basically every genre under the sun (metal and hard rock are my milieu). There is one common bond no matter what type of music and that is talent. Wise Girl displays an immense amount of songwriting ability on the EP that was given to me. A mélange of pop punk and 90’s grunge honesty, with just the right touch of singer/songwriter vocals make for an excellent debut.

Fronting the band is native New Yorker Abby Weitz (singer/writer/guitar), she comes across as a mix of the best parts of 90’s melodrama and 60’s spirituality. Her voice has that untouchable dynamic that keeps the listener coming back again and again. Her songwriting abilities are certainly up to par as well, the hooks are enjoyable and the lyrics are personal and effective at the same time. Joining Weitz are Guitarist and producer Chris Fasulo, drummer Harry Keithline bassist Sean Kane and backup vocalist Abby Lee. Lee is utilized to great effect, and her voice when paired with Weitz adds a spark that takes the band to a higher level.

My favorite cut from the EP is the track ‘Wishful Thinking’. It is basically everything that is good in the world of music tucked neatly into a 3 minute package. The guitars have that great 90’s fuzz to them, just enough distortion to remember that one is not listening to a normal pop number. The song flows like a slightly sad stream of conscious. Not overtly dark, as the music itself is rather upbeat in a melancholy way. It is certainly thought provoking (as is the rest of the EP). I was also really appreciative of the short but tasteful solo. Lead guitar work in this line of music is often over looked or over worked. The rhythm work on all tracks is impeccable and suits the songwriting perfectly. Whether they are playing a slightly jazzy number or hitting the fringes of pop punk the entire band proves effect on all levels. Fans of artists like Butch Walker and The Lemonheads will revel in Wise Girl (yes, they are that good).

Surprises come in all shapes and forms, and I was blown away here. This is the type of music that has been missing from the radio for years now. This EP is an excellent prelude and has me waiting on pins and needles for the full length release.

Track list:

1. Roles Are Reversed

2. Set In Stone

3. Wishful Thinking




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