White Wizzard – The Devil’s Cut


White Wizzard returns in 2013 with their 4th studio offering ‘The Devil’s Cut’. Mediocrity is the word of the day however, as the ‘throwback’ metal genre is completely over-saturated with middling releases like this one. There is nothing here that is overly offensive, but the band does not wander far off the beaten path.

The new offering from founding member and bassist Jon Leon shows that even though band members come and go, the formula stays the same. Created to mine the same vein as hard rock/heavy metal legends Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, White Wizzard came onto the scene back in 2008 as a rather refreshing alternative to a lot of the breakdown riddled B.S. that was clogging the metal scene. On ‘The Devil’s Cut’ we are given nine songs which total a little over 50 minutes of listening (the opening track is an instrumental piece) and I found myself extremely tired at the end. Joining Leon this time around is Giovanni Durst (drums), Will Wallner (guitar), James LaRue (guitar) and Joseph Michael (vocals). The band sounds fantastic and is very reminiscent of late 70’s Maiden. Joseph Michael has a great voice for the music, and adds a little AOR flair to the bands normally over the top shrieks and wails. Jon Leon is a masterful bass player and his work here is top-notch. The production shares characteristics of the same time period, coming across as a little flat and tinny in areas, and I found myself lacking some depth in mix for the drums. While I can appreciate trying to achieve an “old school” sound, there is a reason many of the releases from that era have been re-mastered now.

Maybe I am jaded after so many releases like this one, and if the listener has not been in the retro metal scene they will find more to enjoy than I on this release. However, many of the people who will seek this out are already fans of White Wizzard (and most likely the genre as well), they will find their fingers moving to the skip button rather quickly.


Track list:

1. Forging the Steel

2. Strike the Iron

3. Kings of the Highway

4. Lightning In My Hands

5. Steal Your Mind

6. The Devils Cut

7. Torpedo Of Truth

8. Storm Chaser

9. The Sun Also Rises




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