Real Friends – Put Yourself Back Together (EP)


Real Friends shot onto the pop-punk scene with their first release, Three Songs About the Past Year of My Life, and since then have released numerous EP’s and songs. Their latest EP, Put Yourself Back Together, was released on June 4th this year.

The band in general remind me of The Wonder Years, with their brutally honest lyrics, about a million guitars playing at the same time, and super-fast rhythms. The vocalist has the same kind of imperfections in his voice that Dan Campbell has, and it works for this band as well. The EP starts with Late Nights In My Car, a sad song about missing the past and struggling to move on. With catchy guitar riffs beneath the vocalist and some impressive drumming, the song makes for a great opening to the album, although slightly depressing. Skin Deep starts off slightly calmer than its predecessor, but in the same sad vein, although the band openly acknowledges that it is a sad song.  The chorus is really very catchy, with the Wonder Years style guitar underneath the vocals.

Dead, the third song on the record, is in a seemingly happier key, even though it’s about the same girl trouble the last two songs were about. The chorus line “You’ll be thinking of my sleepy eyes and bony knees” alludes back to the first song, which was a nice touch, as it suggested that all the songs actually are connected. Dirty Water is a re-recorded version of a song off of their first EP, and is slightly heavier than the other songs on the album. This is a song about hate, I gather from the lyrics. It seems to be about a relationship that went bad, like most of the relationships singers of pop-punk bands seem to have. Apart from the slightly cliché lyric, the song is really good, probably the best on the album in my opinion. The intro is one of the best I have heard all year, and this is a definite classic for this band.

I’ve Given Up On You is an almost acoustic song about missing someone who doesn’t miss you back. You can tell in the vocals that the lyrics come from the heart, and that the singer has felt this first hand. the clean and semi-distorted guitars work really well together, and the bass in that shows up in the second verse really compliments the two leads. Old And All Alone is really upbeat, and a change to the rest of the record. It has a similar style of lyrics to the rest of the EP, but seems more about getting over your hatred then dwelling on it. The tempo changes and guitar archipelagos really add to the song, and the major key make it a change from other songs on the EP. Lost Boy is the last song on the EP, and a lot like Old And All Alone. It’s an upbeat song, and ends the album well, with its lyrics alluding again to other tracks. The guitar is similar to the previous song as well, and the drumming is much the same as the rest of the album; does the job, but nothing special.

Overall the EP is a great demonstration of the members’ musical talent, and I can’t wait until they produce a full album.



  1. Late Nights In My Car
  2. Skin Deep
  3. Dead
  4. Dirty Water
  5. I’ve Given Up On You
  6. Old And All Alone
  7. Lost Boy

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