Trucker Diablo – Songs of Iron

Riddled with F-bombs and the lyrics about drinking, driving trucks (mind you, not at the same time), and how they just want to rock and/or roll, Trucker Diablo is not afraid to show their true colors; Songs of Iron is some straight up hard rock with a southern drawl. At 14 tracks and almost every song over 4 minutes long, Songs of Iron can be a bit of an exhausting ride though. The solo on “Year of the Truck,” for example, could have easily been cut in half. It starts out decent, but it just kind of keeps on keeping on well past what it is trying to accomplish. This can also be said about a few of the other solos on the album, and while there is some decent and fun shredding to be found throughout, they tend to meander and just last much longer than they should. Now, on the other hand, “Maybe You’re the One,” “Bulldozer,” and “Rock Hallelujah” have great solos: They come in, make their point, and exit accordingly (“Bulldozer” just fucking shreds the whole way through, and the guitarist pulls it off nicely), and it’s just too bad this couldn’t have been accomplished a few more times among the others. Maybe a ‘less is more’ approach could be applied for the future to help weed out some of those unnecessary passages.

Even if they could have trimmed some fat in a few places, I will give the band credit for putting out a quality album that hits in just over an hour long and never lost my attention while listening. Maybe instead of some of the long winded solos, the guitars could have thrown in some more lead/rhythm action. They tend to play together most of the time and harmonize frequently, especially on the heavier songs, but rarely does one actually ‘take the lead’ over the other except for the soloing. “Drive,” however, is a nice exception to this with plenty of lead parts scattered about, but there are only a few other instances of this which are mostly just in the intros (“Rock Hallelujah” and “Maybe You’re the One” for example).

While the vocals are quite good, I do wish there was a more aggressive side to them. He does a fine job on the less heavy songs, but it feels like something is missing in the performance on the more aggressive tracks. I am not saying he should be trying to scream or anything, but he could use a little grit in his voice to further what the heavier songs are going for. There is a certain attitude that comes with the lyrics and music of the kind of dirty, heavy, southern rock style the band is going for, and the vocals are too plain and clean sounding to completely sell it.

While this may look overly critical so far, the pros far outweigh the cons here. Trucker Diablo is more than capable of rocking out and are even capable of slowing it down on a few songs. The guitars are heavy hitting and, as I touched on earlier, they play some great harmonies together throughout the album. Whether they are putting the pedal to the floor or doing a little coasting, Trucker Diablo definitely hits more than they miss on Songs of Iron.

With some tweaks to the songwriting and maybe a little added intensity to the vocals in the heavier material, Trucker Diablo is fully capable of climbing their way to the top of the hard rock world.  They are only on their second album and are already more interesting than many of their counterparts in the genre, so only time will tell if their current following will continue to grow and one day get them the attention they deserve.


Release Date: May 14, 2013

Tracklist for Songs of Iron:
1. Red Light On
2. Year of the Truck
3. The Rebel
4. Drive
5. Not so Superstar
6. The Streets Run Red
7. Lie to Me
8. Maybe You’re the One
9. Bulldozer
10. Rock Hallelujah
11. Highway Radio
12. When’s It Gonna Rain
13. Shame on You
14. I Wanna Party with You



The Rebel


2 thoughts on “Trucker Diablo – Songs of Iron

  1. great review! I know the Trucker guys and help them out with online promo etc but first and foremost I was a fan before all that, all your comments are relevant, nobody will like everything on an album and its great you gave it such a high score! Re the comments on Sputnik about America etc, yeah its a lot harder to get attention than over here in the UK where they’ve been played on one of the main music video channels, all the main rock stations, played gigs with Foo Fighters, Thin Lizzy, Black Stone Cherry, played the legendary Download Festival etc……..but 2014 they’re hoping to finally make it over to play some gigs maybe grab a festival slot too….cheers for a great review

    • Well, thanks for reading and for the kind words, Darren! I was actually a little worried this seemed overly critical; I specifically added that 4th paragraph to explain I actually liked the album after all the criticism I threw at it, lol. It was all minor stuff I was mentioning, and I really did enjoy it. Once the guys get a proper footing over in the states, I bet they will take off here.

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