Enochian Theory – Life… And all it Entails


Dark, moody and progressive as the nine hells, Enochian Theory have a recipe that will blow you away.

Formed in Portsmouth in 2004, Enochian Theory had massive ideas for such a humble beginning, and ‘Life… And all it Entails’, here on referred to as ‘Life’, is the final production. Enochian Theory are heavily influenced by several different parts of the progressive genre and ‘Life’ showcases these influences well, bring classic symphonic progressive elements to the table along with darker and heavier sounds.

‘Life’ is a chilling piece of work that will bring out the darkest mood from the corners of your very soul. With complexity that seems absurd due to the fact they only have three members, Enochian Theory spend an hour ripping you apart and sticking you back together again. Beginning with the chilling rocker ‘This Aching Isolation’ with the slow rumbling sound that builds and builds, before finally erupting in an explosion of brilliant progressive ichor that will smother you in the battered remains of its internal organs.

Everything on this album seems to fit, Ben Harris Hayes’ voice is filled with a dreadful type of sadness, he sounds as though both his parents, his wife, his children and his cat were recently killed in a horrendous accident. He manages to convey this pain into his vocal work, where it really hits you deep and hard. Nowhere is this pain better felt than on the song ‘Hz’, with its relatively simple instrumental work which manages to convey a much larger force than you’d expect it be able to achieve. From these opening steps, the album only proceeds to get better and better.

The drummer, Sam Street, also has some pretty amazing skill behind the drum kit. Whether it is during the slower paced songs, or when he rampages around on the higher speed tracks, there is never so much as a misplaced note or a bad drum beat. They work very well with the bass guitar to form a powerful rhythm section which can really blow you away if you give it the chance.

Using this powerful rhythm section as a base, the album is vastly built upon by the guitar and keyboard section. Both of which are manned by Hayes, which is a remarkable skill considering his other roles in the band (he happens to be the vocalist as well, Geddy Lee eat your heart out). Everything adds to this immense mood that the band are creating and it all goes together perfectly, nothing on this album can be found wanting in the slightest.

There really isn’t anything bad to say about this record apart from the fact that it ends, and there are a few filler songs which add nothing to the record. ‘Life’ is like a fine wine, you sample the first few sips of it and then you go crazy, shoving your head into the wine barrel until you absorb alcohol into your brain and you die a slow but happy death. Enochian Theory take you on an incredible journey, ranging from a slow and steady glide over the craggy peaks of songs like ‘Hz’and ‘Singularities’, or terrible organ shattering death metal thrusts such as on the song ‘For your glory, Great Deciever’. If you willing to experience one of the best upcoming bands in the UK at the moment, then look no further.


Life… And all it Entails was released in 2012


This Aching Isolation
Non Sum Qualis Eram
Creatio Ex Nihilio
In Times of Silence
For Your Glory, Great Deceiver
Nisi Credideritis, Non Intelligetis
The Motives of the Machine
The Fire Around the Lotus (Remastered)


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