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Wolfpack Live Shot

After recently reviewing Wolfpack’s debut EP ‘Screw This Life’, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to interview the frontman of this hard-hitting French beatdown hardcore band; Hadrien. He gives a real insight into the hardcore scene in Paris and what they’re doing to be a driving force of heavy hardcore in France.

Hi there. Would you like to introduce yourself and the band?

Hi, I’m Hadrien, the singer from Wolfpack, a beatdown hardcore band from Paris, we started the band in August 2011 with Ilhan the first bass player of the band, we took 1 year to find a line up cause in Paris no one loves beatdown. 1 year after it was our first show and now our EP is out!

So, Hadrien. As the vocalist of Wolfpack, what would you say inspires your music most?

The music we grew up with extreme metal influences (black, death) and at the other side with French rap music and that’s what rules our music today again, at the beginning we wanted to do a beatdown band just for the heavy sound and for do dancing people, that’s the way of “Screw This Life”. For the lyrics I’m inspired by all of those who hate us ahah. The bands who’ve inspired us: Vow Of Hatred, Out For The Count, Nasty, Kickback…

Who would you say contributes most to the song writing process?

All of the songs on Screw This Life have been written by Ilhan and I. Other songs than that we play on stage have been written by our first guitar player Joris, the lyrics are my job.

How would you say Paris compares against the European beatdown and hardcore scene? Like in Berlin, for example.

I think Paris is not a good city for hardcore cause before us some of the most legendary bands came from Paris, e.g: Kickback, Providence… and people are close minded if you are another band from Paris… in Germany the people and the scene are awesome cause they are passionate, always some people at the shows and awesome locations. In Paris we’re usually left with 20 people at the shows cause, it’s raining or another pussy excuses themselves ahah. And the youngest prefer to support Emmure or this kind of shit… for the rest we are truly passionate but we are not a lot.

Well your début EP was released recently, I reviewed it! Are you happy with how ‘Screw This Life’ turned out?

No, I’m never happy with what I do, that’s my way of thinking to do better after. But the EP got us success with some orders so I think people like it… it’s cool, we wrote it long ago so some of things have changed in our mind and influences too, now we need to do something with other ambiances and work more for writing songs.

What’s the best show you’ve ever played and why?

This question is very hard for me, cause I really love to be on stage but I think the two better shows were at Return To Strength fest cause the sound was awesome and in Tournai in Belgium with our friends of Coroners in a little pub. The people were awesome and we were so fucking drunk but the show was good! We love to play in Germany cause people are friendly with us and the shows are always very violent and that’s what we love! Belgium is good too!


Makes a real difference from the attitudes some people have in England! What do you enjoy most about performing live?

I think the best part is the heavy sound and to see people becoming violent to our music. It’s awesome, and I can spit my hate to the rest of the world and that what I love too.

In that case, what do you love most about your music and the style you play?

I think it’s just the hate and the negative vibes. Like black metal, but it’s another way for expressing that. I love hardcore but it’s too positive some of the time and today being negative is just too much like being in reality, it’s a vision of the world. In beatdown you’ve no fucking rules. That’s what I like, that hardcore is dictated by old rules that can be true in the world of today. I love hardcore music, but I think some of the things in the spirit of the scene are wrong right now.

I totally understand what you mean. So, what does Wolfpack have planned for the future?

In two weeks we go to Germany with Cunthunt 777, Recount from Germany and Hatred Barricade from Turkey for a weekend tour, in July we do a weekend tour with Reduction from Germany. We’ve planned to put out a new EP on the internet for free download for September, with a deeper musical influence… some people’ll hate it and I hope others’ll like it… just for the finish I wanna’ thank you for this interview and your support. We hope to be booked in England soon cause the English scene is very interesting and varied. I wanna’ thank all who booked us and support us too!

We’d be glad to have you over here! Thank you very much for your time.

Read the review for ‘Screw This Life’ here: http://meltingalbumreviews.com/2013/05/27/wolfpack-screw-this-life/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wolfpackbeatdown
Merch Store: http://wolfpackparis.bigcartel.com/
‘Fuck Friends, Just Brothers’ FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www16.zippyshare.com/v/84109745/file.html
‘Negative Outcast’ Tour w/ Cunthunt 777 & Wolfpack: https://www.facebook.com/events/619909448034723/


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