You, Me, And Everyone We Know – I Wish More People Gave A Shit


Back during my initial exposure to the upbeat, bi-polar music of Say Anything, I was also intrigued by a similar sounding band by the name of You, Me, And Everyone We Know. Sure, they sounded like a Say Anything worship band, but that didn’t make their music any less enjoyable. They’ve always managed to produce witty lyricism and undeniably catchy tunes, so when I saw the title of their latest EP I couldn‘t help but chuckle. After all, does anybody give a shit? The band had practically diminished with all the drama surrounding the members and their conflicts with vocalist Ben Liebsch, so the fact that he’s still making music under the YMAEWK name is an accomplishment in itself.

I Wish More People Gave A Shit is essentially a reflection on the existence of the band and Liebsch’s life experiences as he refers to his mind taking  a “decade long walk“. It doesn’t find him treading new ground, but instead contains exactly the kind of high-energy tunes fans have come to expect from the band. This isn’t a bad thing, though, as his performance is as spastic as ever and the lyrics retain the intelligence of their past efforts. The first 3 songs are among some of the best of the band’s career and they’re generously filled with gang vocals, bouncy guitars, and huge choruses. ‘Big Mistake’ is a definite sing-a-long track while ‘Better Men’ showcases some of Liebsch’s most accessible vocals to date. However it’s the reflective opening track  ’I’d Contribute More Dead’ which finds the band at their very best with Liebsch’s vocals jumping all over the place and at times sounding eerily similar to Max Bemis. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the final track, ‘The Winds Won’t Change’ which is Liebsch’s attempt at a stripped down number with just him and a ukulele. It’s not terrible, but unlike the previous tracks it may come across as more grating than enjoyable for some listeners.

At the end of the day, this is another solid outing from YMAEWK, but if Liebsch and his crew want people to truly start giving a shit, they’re going to have to do better than coming up with a 4-song EP once a year. In their defense, the songs are pretty damn good, but it’s just not enough material to keep listeners busy for very long. Either way, it continues to prove Liebsch’s talent as a musician and adds to the long list of enjoyable pop-punk releases of 2013.


Tracklist for I Wish More People Gave A Shit
I’d Contribute More Dead
The Big Mistake
Better Men
The Winds Won’t Change


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