Negator-Gates to the Pantheon

Negator-Gates to the Pantheon


Described quite appropriately as “Panzer metal” (“Panzer” being the German word for “Tank”), Negator have been producing ambitiously chaotic music for a decade now. With their previous three albums they have become progressively darker and heavier in tone, and now with their fourth album, “Gates to the Pantheon” (Their debut for Prosthetic Records), they sound like a band ready to take on the darkest corners of the world.

“Gates to the Pantheon” seems to be divided into two parts: The first four songs are largely influenced by Behemoth-esque Blackened Death Metal, opener ‘Epiclesis’ firing on all cylinders with its maniacal blastbeats and consistently battering riffs. Both ‘Bringer of war’ and ‘Serpents court’ provide a more epic atmosphere to the general sound whilst extremely sadistic ‘The last sermon’ threatens to crumble the listener’s eardrums with its eviscerating and maniacal rhythms before the guitar provides enough melody to balance the brutal overtones of the previous few songs. However, it’s really with the ambitious ‘Nergal, the raging king’ (perhaps referencing the frontman of a certain Polish band) that Negator truly begin to show off their talented chops. Vocalist Nachtgarm (who also just so happens to be a former member of crushing BM group Dark funeral) makes for quite an eccentric frontman, and his blasphemous voice on songs such as ‘Carnal malefactor’ and belligerent closer ‘Atonement for blood’ really seems to charge them through the gates of Hell and beyond.

Instrumentally, every song seems to be as consistent as possible without repeating itself unnecessarily for too long, yet both opener ‘Epiclesis’ and ‘Serpent’s court’ could benefit slightly from being a tad more varied. As unique to the band as he is, Nachtgarm’s voice does seem to prove weary for some by the time ‘The urge for blood’ arrives, and the song itself doesn’t stand out any more than the previous seven do. However, despite not being entirely flawless, Negator’s fourth album shows them to be quite a destructive force in the blackened fields of extreme metal, and if they continue to produce music as ambitious and maniacal as this, the world may well be theirs for the taking.

Released 14/05/2013



1. Epiclesis

2. Bringer of war

3. The last sermon

4. Serpent’s court

5. Nergal, the raging king

6. Carnal malefactor

7. The urge for battle

8. Atonement in blood

9. Revelation 9:11




Lyric video for ‘Atonement in blood’:


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