Elision of Animus – Interview


After reviewing their debut EP last week I had the chance to sit down with the vocalist/drummer Rafael Moreira from Elision of Animus to gather some more information and insight behind the band and their new release.

Nic Miller : Si es más fácil, usted puede escribir en español: D Tienes que amar a google translate!

Rafael Moreira : Hey man!

Evening sir! (Or whatever time of day it is where you are).

Haha, I can write in English well enough, worry not. Evening! Yeah it’s like 2:30 am here.

A late owl like myself then! Great!

Haha, kinda. Sometimes. Everyday. lol Btw, you translated it to Spanish, I’m Portuguese.. I hardly get that translation to be honest!

Aw man, google translate did me wrong!

Nah, you just choose the wrong language to translate it to. haha Hey btw, thank you very much for the review.

Loved the EP. There’s a lot of stale, stale music on the metal scene. You blend together a lot of influences in a short amount of time. Anything specific you were listening to while writing?

Hmm well, a lot of stuff. We never focused on delivering after any band, or any genre to be honest. We just went with the flow, put our vision into it.

You definitely pull it off, I heard a lot of individuality in the songs that you guys put forth. Besides yourself, care to give a call out to you band mates? Let us know who does what.

Sure! I’m the drum programmer/vocalist/lyricist for the band. Daniel Pio does the guitars/bass. But in the same way I put out some ideas for he’s writing, he does it for me too.

I know we joked about language earlier but your English is spot on. Do you find it difficult at all writing and performing in English?

Not at all. I feel like English is a “second mother language” for me, to be honest. Some expressions and words will still get pass me, of course. But it’s not something I tend to struggle with.


The vocals are great by the way, and I love the lyrical themes, especially on Umbra and Penumbra. Any chance of or a third track called Antumbra coming out?

Thanks! You don’t even know, we went through a discussion over “Fog Of War” being named “Antumbra”, but Daniel didn’t like the way it sounded. Mainly because of a correlation with a Portuguese word that wouldn’t favor said title, haha. Moving on, Dementia is a concept EP, it follows its very own plot throughout. All is connected in one way or the other. So a new track serving as a follow up to “Penumbra” and “Umbra” is not an actual option.

The connection from song to song is something you can feel. Along with the vocals you state you also take care of the drumming/programming duties. The drum work is extremely technical and suits the band well. I know on tracks with insane blast beats and kicks a machine has the edge, how do you find it for working with tracks like Memorial that have a slower cadence?

I try to make the drums as organic as possible. That’s one of my main approaches during all the drum writing process – to keep it heavy, intricate, often fast but still achievable and as “real” as possible. On “Memorial” the challenge was tougher though. The drum needed a vast organic feeling all the way, which is harder to achieve. Also, it’s hard to make a drum machine sound in place within a track like “Memorial” too. There’s a lot of room for improvement, that goes for both the way our drum machine sounds, and my programming. That’s something I always keep in mind, no matter what I do.

I know I nit-picked at that a bit in my review. You did manage really well though and at first listen I wasn’t sure if it was all programming or someone really, REALLY skilled with triggers and an electric kit.

Haha, yes. I do see your point. We have some things in mind we want to try to make the drums feel more human. Let’s see how it goes!

Excellent! Now that the EP is out any plans on getting out and playing live?

Well, for better or worst, nothing among those lines by now. Here in Portugal it’s very hard to find people who share our musical taste, let alone people interested in creating “our kind” of music. Having that said, we (me and Daniel) have been around each other for almost 15 years now, and have been the best of friends for a long time too. We get each other well enough, and we’re going for the absolute same thing on EoA. That’s gold, as far as we are concerned. So we’d like to leave it at that for now. Not saying this is permanent, but in the near future, EoA will remain a duo.

15 years is a long time. Have you both always been into heavier music?

I started around my 12 years of age, although I always loved me some heavier jams when I was younger. I think the accessibility is to blame on me getting on the “heavy train” that late. Daniel I believe to have been around Metal since ever. He’s father goes for Metal music as much as we do! Anyway, I think we both became exclusively engaged in it when we met in high-school, where we happened to become aware that we were in love with the same band… Disturbed! We formed a band right away, with some folks from school. Good times!

Awesome man, it’s nice to see metal still lives across the globe! A final question for tonight to end on a lighthearted note. You can only listen to one album for an entire year… what do you pick?

These days? Hmmm… The Parallax II: Future Sequence, by Between The Buried And Me. So much goodness on that album. I will never get sick of it!

 Good stuff! I appreciate you taking the time to chat with me! I hope we can help spread the word and get people digging the release!

The EP Dementia is out now, check out the band on Facebook and Bandcamp for more information!




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