Kahn Of K Interview

 Hi there, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to answer a few questions for me.
Hey man, no problem. Not exactly a busy schedule, I’m just enjoying my last day off before starting a new job tomorrow, playing with some ideas.
1.       Your debut, Winter, is quite a varying listen. Where did the inspiration for the record come from?
Honestly? I don’t know man…years of playing and listening to great music?  We’ve all been inspired by a lot of different stuff from classical and dramatic type music to alternative pop/rock and metal in all it’s various forms.  I guess some main influences growing up (outside of classical and pop piano) for me personally, would have to be Faith No More (including all other Mike Patton projects) , Sepultura, Deftones and Silverchair.  I really love the tonal and rhythmic comparisons between classical/dramatic scores and metal so I guess trying to mush those together seemed like an obvious choice for me…  Obviously leaning on the more dumbed-down metal side haha 
2.       You guys come from Sydney, Australia which is quite the collective pool for talented metal groups at the moment, are there any bands or acts you’ve toured/played with in the area worth mentioning?
I know right?  A while back we supported Five Star Prison Cell (they’ve since split) which was awesome to be a part of.  Extremely tight band, underrated.  Recently we played with a great band that made our ears prick-up called Emergency Syndrome.  Great vibe and tunes.  There are also lot of great bands in town that are doing the Converge style noisy-doom-tech-hardcore thing very well.  Lot’s of danger in their music.    
3.       The artwork on ‘Winter’ is rather creepy and a few horror movies come to mind. Who had the creative flair for the cover art?
The picture was taken in a stylist friend of mine, Olivia Blackmore’s bedroom.  She is a little quirky (but quite talented) and basically has all these scary old dolls, animal skulls and decrepit furniture lying around as decorations in her house.  It was all her stylistically as it was all already there, I just took the picture an added the finishing touches.
4.       Your release is a “Name Your Price” release on Bandcamp. What are your views on free downloads piracy and the benefits of the internet to promote your music?
As a promotional tool the internet is amazing for independent bands/artists.  Because of this though there is a lot more competition for attention.  The idea behind the “name your price” was to encourage everyone to hear our tunes as a whole and hope that it will turn into new faces at shows.  Rather than buy each single song for $1, which you can do separately if you feel it’s worth it (it is!), it made sense to offer a self-policing discount to make it easier to share what we’re all about.  In the beginning of music piracy there wasn’t an option to pay for what YOU think something is worth, and because retail prices were high people paid nothing. 
5.       Given the chance to tour with any group of bands, who would you like to play alongside?
If I was dreaming, I personally would like to tour with Muse, Deftones, Devin Townsend, Fantomas and The Mire just so I got to see them all every night.  Locally though I think Circles (Melbourne), Arteries (Sydney), Emergency Syndrome (Sydney) and Robotosaurus (Adelaide).
6.       Your debut was released the start of last year, are you guys currently working on a new release, or are you focusing your efforts on promotion and shows?
We’re doing a bit of both actually.  We’re working on some new material at the moment as well as playing shows.  We try and structure our rehearsals so that we work on our set as well as leave time to nut out new ideas.  A couple of the new tracks are almost prog sounding as well as an instrumental we often use as an intro to shows.  Similar to what we’re already doing, but also some unexplored territory for us. 
7.       You guys are currently running without the backing of a label, is that something you guys are going to look at or work towards in the future? Or alternatively is it more satisfying to have the “hands-on” approach all to the band?
It is nice to know the ins and outs of your business and have that control.  In saying that though we would probably prefer if someone could handle some of the show booking and promotion so we could focus on writing and playing a little more.  Ultimately if we find a fit with a small label willing to help us out in these areas we’ll probably go in that direction. 
8.       Any favourite tracks off the record?
They’ve all got their different charms so I like them all for different reasons but everyone loves to rock out to “Brain Hammerage”.
9.   Do you have any advice for new or upcoming bands in the metal industry?
Be resilient.  Be persistent.  Make friends in other bands so you can share gigs.  Take the time to find your own musical voice and personality and…. Practice your shit because everyone is getting awesome at their craft in the metal world!
10.   Thank you again for allocating the time to do this, you guys must be getting busier and busier.
Like I said, no problem.  We’re really looking forward to playing more shows and getting out tunes out of the city and to everyone that is willing to listen.  Hopefully a new release won’t take too long to get out to you.  Peace.
Well, maybe things will start getting busier in the next few weeks, it was a pleasure to be able to do this. I look forward to hearing more from you!
You can find Kahn Of K on Bandcamp and Facebook, feel free to pick up the debut as it is currently a “Name Your Price” download.

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