Label Feature: Roadrunner Records


There will always be names that are big in the hard rock and metal music industry. More often than not there will be those who come and go, and also those who will stick as hard to the industry as the music they represent. This week’s label feature is that of Roadrunner Records, which was originally formed in the 1980s and since has branched out over many countries and signed some of the industries’ most memorable acts, including the likes of Opeth, Slipknot, Dream Theater, Coal Chamber, Rob Zombie, Rush, Deicide and Death. All these recognizable names may seem impressive, but the roster doesn’t stop or end there.

One notable, cumulative effort from the label saw a collective studio album released to mark the label’s 25th anniversary. The project, ‘Roadrunner United – The All Star Sessions’ is marked as being the first of its kind across any of the music industry’s genres. It involved a staggering 52 performing artists from 40 different bands both new and old to hallmark a sound that represented the label and the artists they promoted.


This picture is from the release of the documentary and live performance following the release of the studio album, circa 2005.

Roadrunner will always be accredited with finding some of the industry’s biggest names and occasionally will be mentioned in terms of creating big names.


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