Acres are a post-hardcore quintet from the UK that have so far released a self-titled EP, and a single entitled: “The Tallest of Mountains”.  The band has only been around for about 2 years, but they are slowly expanding their fan-base and making waves in the rock/metal world. The release of the self-titled EP was met with raving reviews and critical acclaim, and the single “The Tallest of Mountains” continues on the path the band had paved with their previous EP. Then, finally to add on top to all of that, the band has just finished a successful European tour with fellow tour-mates Amber as of this month.

The first song on this self-titled EP is entitled: “Something to Write Home About”. The song starts out with about 20 seconds of almost complete silence before quickly fading in then exploding at the 30 second mark with a wave of distorted guitars. Mammoth, expansive, heavily distorted chords dominate the track, yet, other musical nuances and elements can be heard beneath the wave of sound. There is a second, lead guitar that harmonizes pierces over top every other instrument, all while playing inspiring leads that are drenched in reverb, delay, and others pedal effects. Listening to the lyrics in this song, you can feel the pain the lead singer is bleeding onto this track.

“So I do this for you, I need you to feel it,
but it’ll hurt, but it’ll heal, oh god please believe it”

This song in particular is one of my favorites on the track, but it definitely doesn’t overshadow the rest of the EP. I even dare to say there isn’t a single low point on this record. Every song is excellent in its own way and never fail to lose the listener’s interest.  The drumming on the EP is excellent, never really playing anything over the top, but complementing each track on the EP and adding to each song. Then there are the vocals. Richard Morgan, the band’s lead singer, yells and screams with such powerful and momentous emotion; each song escalates into epic, encompassing pieces of art that are just impossible to not feel an emotional connection to.

“My star, if I was as steadfast as you, the way you shine, the whole night through
there’s pale skies and darkness too, so don’t look at me the way you do”

His voice is similar to that of other post-hardcore bands, but he takes the style and makes it his own and pours what he feels out onto each track. The lyrics are just as memorable; ranging in themes from of love, to loss, and even self-empowerment. The perfect concoction of excellent instrumental and song writing chops, along with heart and emotion, make this EP one of the most memorable releases in the rock/metal genre in recent memory.

So to basically summarize everything I’ve said about the band into one sentence it would be this: Acres are a post-hardcore band from the UK that have produced one of the finest specimens in all of hardcore music that is drenched in emotion, and is accompanied with epic, mammoth instrumental work that will leave the listener in awe and feeling different after listening to this EP. My one and only minor complaint about this EP is that you don’t really hear the any bass work throughout any of the tracks. It doesn’t really take away from the album, but it would be interesting to hear the bass mixed a little higher in the future. That extremely minor flaw aside, I strongly recommend this EP to any hardcore or post-rock fan, as it is definitely one of the best releases from any band of either genre.



1. Something To Write Home About
2. Treasures
3. A Menagerie
4. Letters
5. Remember Your Place Here

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