Falling In Reverse Release New Single

day_2__30_day_falling_in_reverse_challange_by_ronnieradke1512-d5bs9exEpitaph Records have posted a video for post-hardcore outfit Falling In Reverse’s new song “Fashionably Late” from their album of the same name. The video consists of the song as well as several images of the band. Their new album is due out June 18, but information surrounding a tour is still hazy as Ronnie Radke has allegedly fired every other member of the band. The video can be viewed using the link below.


5 thoughts on “Falling In Reverse Release New Single

  1. I thought it was really catchy. Cheesy, but really catchy. Makes one wonder if the rest of the album will be the shitfest that Alone made seem evident, or if it will be another alright album like TDIMIY

  2. I loved their first release 😀 And I like this song a LOT better than the first single. Hopefully ‘Alone’ was just a one off and the rest of the release is more like this.

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