Blood Red Throne – Blood Red Throne


Norwegian death metal – This is the statement that draws you in, with all the hype of metal acts coming from the region it’s no surprise that Blood Red Throne can turn heads. Since the band’s formation back in 1998 this death metal act with a technical flair has been consistently releasing quality music. Whether it is the band’s sophomore, ‘Affiliated With The Suffering’ or the largely successful ‘Altered Genesis’, Blood Red Throne have been making quite the mark in the metal scene. Even their more recent albums maintained flair, unlike the potential of most bands would retain releasing a new record every two years. This time the band is back in 2013 with another incredibly solid display defining who they are as a group in a self-titled death metal record. For those of the death metal genre unlucky enough to have missed out on the band’s releases Blood Red Throne slams and blasts its way into the listeners’ conscious. Every thought, every moment is built of fast tempos and deep growls, but for everything that sounds conventional about the record there’s the occasional flamboyancy that puts them above the mundane and polluted acts sprouting within the genre.

‘Blood Red Throne’ is no show-boating display of a dying genre. For those who may find the constant barrage of Cannibal Corpse copycats boring, or think Deicide has run its course try this out. Blood Red Throne varies sweeps and grows in structure as each listen builds onto the next. Take a moment to hear the album’s second track, “In Hell I Roam”. This is an excellent example of just how to write modern death metal tracks without conforming to the usual bland structures. It shows a group relying on the stereotypes of the genre and building on them, adding in trills, squeals and even the occasional flanged guitar riff. Things get even better when the guitar solo’s ring through the barrage of guitar riffs and double bass drum work, truly revitalising what it takes to maintain steam in a degrading genre base.  As a whole, ‘Blood Red Throne’ is an amiable instrumental effort where every musician clearly knows their place. It’s not enough for this almost veteran act to simply ‘go through the motions’, instead Blood Red Throne’s self-titled punches through the predictable clichés of the genre making their name on the death metal scene mean all the more.

Blood Red Throne’s 2013 release never outstays its welcome. The album, which finishes at just over thirty-five minutes never, leaves the listener expecting more finishing before things begin to head into a tedious listen. With nine tracks, this is what modern releases should aspire to be. Yes, there are a couple of immature track titles but at least these guys are still enjoying what they’re doing. If there’s anything to be taken from this incredibly great release, it’s that Blood Red Throne aren’t willing to let go of their sound, building enough to maintain the band’s forward momentum and in turn, continue to develop these astounding records. Aided by a smooth, crystal clear production and mixing only promotes the band members virtuosity. If the album doesn’t click on a first listen, replay and each track to track transition will become clearer. Blood Red Throne’s self-titled is well worth the chance for newcomers, as for those familiar with the band’s other records, there are little to no surprises. If it’s death metal in 2013 you’re looking for that’s still got what it takes to impress, Blood Red Throne has what you need.

01. Soulseller 03:59
02. In Hell I Roam 04:20
03. Hymn of the Asylum 03:05
04. Primitive Killing Machine 04:03
05. Deatholation 03:48
06. Torturewhore 03:42
07. Exoneration Manifesto 04:37
08. Dødens Makt 02:59
09. March of the Undying 05:04


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