The Story So Far – What You Don’t See


The Story So Far rocketed to success with the release of Under Soil And Dirt in 2011. Since then they have toured the world with other up-and-coming pop-punk bands such as The Wonder Years and Man Overboard.  This year, their long-awaited follow up album What You Don’t See hit the shelves. Can this album raise the band to even higher places, or is What You Don’t See going to be a flop? I think the former is more likely.

The album opens with what could be the pop-punk anthem of the year, “Things I Can’t Change”, and my personal favourite song off of the album. The song begins with a NJ Legion Iced Tea style riff with and some pretty quick drumming, then dives headlong into one of my all time favourite choruses, which blends seamlessly into the second verse. Unfortunately, this song leads into the two songs I would consider the worst on the album. “Stifled” and “Small Talk” are both good songs, but failed to interest me too much. With some pretty basic riffs and some run-of-the-mill choruses, these two songs won’t be going down in the band’s hall of fame.

Luckily, the rest of the album doesn’t continue in the same vein. “Playing The Victim” rescues the album from the last two songs, with some pretty relatable lyrics and some nice rhythms that keep the song feeling fast even in its slowest moments. “Right Here” is another brilliant song, with more relatable lyrics (Only in the chorus though) and a nice, catchy intro. “Empty Space” is the album’s flagship single, and the song that led me to the CD. It has a great intro riff, and Parker Cannon’s unique voice is really noticeable in this song.  It is slightly repetitive, going from verse to chorus to verse and then briefly to bridge then back to chorus. The next song, “The Glass”, has what has to be one of my favourite intro riffs ever. It’s not a complex piece of music, but is incredibly catchy and the band have got the perfect bass-line and beat accompanying the guitar. The chorus has a good vibe to it, although the verse’s beat is a bit fast for the rest of the song.

“All Wrong” is one of the sadder songs on the album, with an awesome intro and some deep lyrics. Being one of the longer songs on the album, it does repeat itself a bit too much, but with variations on the verse and chorus. The last three songs on the album, “Bad Luck”, “Face Value” and “Framework”, are all amazing songs, each very unique. “Bad Luck”, a kind of sequel to “All Wrong”, has (unlike most of the other songs) a prominent bridge before the chorus. “Face Value” doesn’t feel like it’s as heavy as the rest of the album, but maybe that’s just me. The song has a nice chorus and some good guitar, but other than that it’s just your average filler song. The grand finale, “Framework”, is an amazing song. Although it’s not up to par with The Wonder Years’ I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral, it’s still a good end to a good album. It’s the longest song on the record, but it doesn’t go on so long as to bore you.

This is a very good album. Perhaps not the best that we have had this year, but definitely the best of the band’s two albums. Some of the repetitively could be worked on, but from listening to this album a few times I can see that these guys are top-notch musicians, and I can’t wait to see what The Story So Far will bring us in the future.


What You Don’t See was release on March 26, 2013.


  1. Things I Can’t Change
  2. Stifled
  3. Small Talk
  4. Playing The Victim
  5. Right Here
  6. Empty Space
  7. The Glass
  8. All Wrong
  9. Bad Luck
  10. Face Value
  11. Framework

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