Lights & Motion – Reanimation



Lights and Motion is the brain child of Swedish born Christoffer Franzén and is soaked heavily in the influence of the great post-rock bands Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky. Post-rock is a special genre of music. Many artists don’t use lyrics, thus allowing the music to flow freely and find its own path in life. Lights & Motion’s debut record is drenched in emotions and feelings. Mixing the happiness of birth with the searing pain of death. It’s an excellent way to start a career off for a number of brilliant reasons.

Reanimation is an album full of beautiful noise. Using the well worn style of loud and quiet, the album ebbs and flows like a river heading down a mountain side. As you begin your journey in the mountain lake, the music begins quiet and calm, then as the river blasts over a waterfall, the music rises in speed and power.

This album has so much emotion in it, it is literally dripping off every square inch. It is a journey towards something better. You pack up your bags and head off somewhere in search of gold and glory. It’s long and hard, and you spend days sleeping under the freezing stars. During the day you are scorched by the blazing sun and the hot sand under your feet. You make several friends and several enemies. But in the end you make the journey safe, and you find what your looking for. Regardless of how you get there, the journey is over and you have learnt something new.

That is the magic of this record, Franzén manages to take you on a quest for redemption without saying a single word or mumbling a syllable. His music instead takes your hand and moves you along. Tiptoeing along towering staircases of keyboard notes, or dragging you hand over fist with pounding drums, sometimes the guitars will wrap a rope around your hand and sling you will enough force to take you to safety.

Franzén manages to grasp the intense emotional power behind post-rock and wield it with the force of a sledgehammer and the subtly of a scalpel. The only criticism being that this album is so entrenched in the styles of it’s forefathers, that you have heard it all before in some way or another. The album is also top heavy, and it loses some of that momentum that it picks up during the first few tracks.

But that shouldn’t put you off, Reanimation is an excellent piece of work from a genre which relies on mood so much. Listen to it when your sad and you will cry, listen to it when your happy and it will make you even happier. This album has something for everyone, and is a brilliant addition to anyones music collection.


Reanimation was released on January 16th 2013.


01. Requiem
02. Home
03. Aerials
04. Drift
05. The March
06. Victory Rose
07. Epilogue
08. Fractured
09. Texas
10. Faded Fluorescence
11. Departure
12. Reanimation
13. Dream Away


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