Prolyphic & Buddy Peace – Working Man


Rap is a slippery slope to play on. An artist needs to bring a staggering blend of skill, credibility and flow in order to capture the masses. In the early 90’s the rap game was arguably at its best. Artists such as Nas, Dre, Biggie, Tu Pac and The Wu Tang Clan provided an abundance of groundbreaking material. That was then, lately the hip hop community ranges from pop acts to hipster crossover projects that have tons of indie credibility but lack that massive appeal. Enter Prolyphic.

Working Man was a complete surprise to me, though it is something that the scene is sorely lacking. I would hate to tag this release with the term “throwback” but that was the theme running through my head while enjoying this one. Reeking with 90’s east coast style, this would have no problem standing toe to toe with anything from that era. The beats from Buddy Peace are intricate and interesting and weave the old and new school seamlessly. Who knew that the combination of a DJ out of London and a rapper based in Providence RI would have such chemistry?

The album starts off with spoken word over some dark ambient drums and electronics. The intro and outro bookend the album nicely and provide the beginning and end of the story herein. Everything in between is an auditory journey of epic proportions. This is not your typical radio friendly hip hop for the brain dead masses, Prolyphic brings the truth; turning the mic on everything from big pharmacy to the environment. Visceral verses cut into everyone and everything from all angles. ‘I take this shit serious like my mom’s cancer’ he rips at the end of Unpopular Demand. Like lacing poison with honey the flow here ranges from velvety smooth to angry diatribes without sounding forced or cliché.

Though not a concept album in nature every track has an ebb and flow into the next. I can appreciate this as a listener and found myself playing this one from end to end without skipping. It is the type of disc one throws on at a party and everyone walks around going “damn, what *is* this. The only issue I experienced with this release is the use of what I can only describe as vinyl ambiance on a few of the tracks. I appreciate that fans of wax love what it sounds like coming out of a killer sound system, however the attempt here to produce that feeling synthetically falls flat. A shame as it nearly ruins the two tracks that it invades.

Still this is nowhere near enough to ruin what is a stellar hip hop release. The beats, bass and flow make this one a show stopper and whether listening via headphones or blasting out from a pair of 12’s there is a lot to love here.



Stale Bread Winner Part 1

Business as Usual

Unpopular Demand

Drug Dealer

Death of the Boombox (feat. Sage Francis & Metermaids)

Bad Influence

Fuck Banks

Six Feet High


Hand Grenade

Go Green

The Tunnel

Stale Bread Winner Part 2

Prolyphic :

Buddy Peace :


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