Chimaira Post A New Song

Despite losing guitarists Rob Arnold and Matt DeVries shortly after the release of their previous album “The Age of Hell,” Chimaira have not called it quits.

Ahead of the July 30th release of their new album “Crown of Phantoms,” and featuring new guitarist(s) Emil Werstler, Jeremy Creamer, and Matt Szlachta, the group has posted a video for their new song, entitled “All That’s Left Is Blood”. The band has also made the link available on their official facebook page:


6 thoughts on “Chimaira Post A New Song

  1. One of the best things about having a signature voice to your band is that you can pretty much erase the background players and start fresh. Not saying Arnold and DeVries were bad, but one does not hear people drone on about the guitar work in Chimaira.

  2. True: I was upset at the lack of killer solos their last two albums, but they were still inherently and fundamentally “Chimaira” to me. Will always be a fan

  3. If you do, start with Resurrection. I know many like their early stuff, but I feel that represents their best work.

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