DEADCELL – The Dark Side Of Light



It’s a good thing this is unadulterated, because DEADCELL are having fun with some serious topics. The Dark Side Of Light is a record that only grows inside your subconscious, expanding into so much more, it’s a shame that there are so many acts trying to break into the scene, but if they pay enough attention to DEADCELL, those acts might actually learn something.

The album starts strong; the confronting topic of foul language being used in day to day language is enough to turn heads. Yes, the song is rather short but there’s no need to keep selling a product once it’s sold. ‘Ode To Fuck’ does exactly what it needs to, setting the foundation for the rest of the record. Just because the topics involved may be a little “controversial” it doesn’t mean that the song isn’t a quality introduction to the album. It also helps that inwardly everybody likes to curse a bit more than they ought to. As a whole, The Dark Side Of Light is almost military in style. Crashing tempos built from marched beats dominate the record, but the album is not without its contrasting moments. It presents the listener with an almost dance/electronic atmosphere and the first released single off the record, Dog Of War, proves just how bringing in a few features from other genres can completely revitalize an other-wise stale soundscape. Its album’s like this that really make it worthwhile to sort through the on par, mediocre releases.

The Dark Side Of Light is a life, one fleeting moment into the mind of industrial metal, the album is catchy and memorable, retaining only enough commercialism to ensure that ‘The Dark Side Of Light’ is enjoyable. As the title of the band’s fifth studio record is a contrasting enigma, and begs the question; How can light have a dark side? Listen carefully, DEADCELL are about to tell you. Considering that this is the band’s first release in almost seven years, it comes as no surprise that DEADCELL’s The Dark Side Of Light is fresh and far away from the dull, mindless droll releases spewed every couple of years by the majority of industrial themed metal. Instead, DEADCELL promote well-rounded tracks, bouncy rhythms and a haunting, thought-provoking atmosphere. The inevitable Rob Zombie and Ministry comparisons aside, what listeners’ have here is a new take on some traditional industrial metal, bringing back catchy hooks without being over-bearing in nature.

Overall, there is a lot to be taken from this industrial heavy metal record. Not only does it fit every stereotype of the genre as a whole, but it manages to surpass your everyday expectations of a band that is simply coming back with a fresh take on their own music. There are obvious highlights to be found peppered all over the record. Tracks like ‘Dog Of War’, ‘My Sacred House’ (which features some extremely well-placed female vocal phrases) and the title track all promote that this is a band continuing its progression in an upwards manner. If there’s anything you do in the next hour, it’s pick up DEADCELL’s The Dark Side Of Light and spin it until every synth soaked industrial riff is etched into your brain.

1. Ode To Fuck

2. Dog Of War

3. Fear Heaven, Burn The King

4. The Dark Side Of Light

5. My Sacred House

6. (Been Through Hell) Live To Tell

7. Die Tomorrow

8. L’anima Finita

9. Ode To Fuck (Extended Version)

10. Unchained (Video Version)

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