The Computers – Love Triangles, Hate Squares

Love Triangles, Hate Squares

Suit?  Check. Slicked back hair? Check. Sunglasses? Double check. This is The Computers and they would like to tell you about their interest in triangles, distaste of squares and why disco sucks.

There are some key differences between Love Triangles, Hate Squares and The Computers’ last album, This Is The Computers. The last album consisted of almost entirely harsh vocals and relied heavily on more of a hardcore punk sound (which one could probably tell just by looking at the track lengths since none of the songs went over the three minute mark) with a little bluesy vibe that popped in every so often, whereas Triangles/Squares brings quite a bit more to the table stylistically. The blues and punk sounds are meshed together quite effectively while the hardcore sound was mostly dropped, and even a bit of soulfulness comes paired with the newly added (and fantastic sounding) clean vocals.The vocalist’s great tone with his cleans came as a bit of a surprise, especially since they were pretty much non-existent on the previous release. The ratio of clean to harsh vocals is turned on its head, as their appearances are drastically reduced this time around. “Disco Sucks” and “Selina Chinese” make the most use of harsh vocals, but they are never the main focus and are typically used at the beginning or end of a vocal line. This could be a good direction for the band to take, especially since the previous album’s songs were all fairly similar in structure and the constant screaming got a bit stale on repeated listens. There is a lot more variety on Triangles/Squares and it keeps the album fresh for its 35 minute run time (which still could be considered a bit short, but it is longer than the previous album’s running time).

The vocals are definitely a highlight here, but the bass is no slouch either. It is very active throughout the album (especially on the first three tracks and “Sex Texts”) and often is the focal point as it bounces around from section to section. The guitars usually keep it pretty simple (playing mostly rhythm based parts with a few leads here and there), and the band also makes use of a keyboard/synthesizer, which even takes center stage on a few songs (“Selina Chinese” and “Sex Texts” being prime examples) and gives the band a feeling of pop/rock music from the 60s throughout the album. From the style of music they play right down to their appearance, the band is just trying to pay a little homage to some great music of the past with their own modern twist.

The Computers have taken a more modern approach on some very popular genres of yesteryear. Combining blues, punk, some soulful vocals and even a bit of a 60s pop vibe, the band has crafted a fascinating sound that is damn near flooring with its results.



1. Bring Me the Head of A Hipster
2. Love Triangles, Hate Sqaures
3. Mr. Saturday Night
4. Nothing to Say
5. C R U E L
6. Disco Sucks
7. Selina Chinese
8. Point of Interest
9. Sex Texts
10. Call on You!
11. Single Beds

Release Date: April 30th, 2013


5 thoughts on “The Computers – Love Triangles, Hate Squares

  1. Thanks, Atari. You could probably say that. I have only heard a few songs from GA, but I think I have heard the two compared before.

    Ha, cinq, I didn’t notice that. I might have to change it, lol.

    Here are some Youtube videos if you guys want to try it out:

    Disco Sucks

    Love Triangles, Hate Squares

  2. Thanks, jack. I always enjoyed your writings over on sputnik, so it’s great to see you on here, too. This is going to be pretty cool and give me reason to start writing again. I’m excited.

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