Beyond Creation – The Aura (2013 Reissue)


More and more nowadays is modern technical death metal becoming a meaningless non-entity, less and less bands are pushing the boundaries of creativity and are instead letting their mainstay be the technicality itself, pushing the fold of who can sweep, shred and blast the fastest. Whereas some listeners would like a band to use technicality as a means of developing the experimentation of sound, many use it as a crutch to make up for a lack of decent songwriting skill. Beyond Creation are one of these many bands who remain to do nothing different, and rather just pull out another boring hour of same-y riffs and shreds with their debut album, The Aura. It’s 2013, the album has been re-released through the record label Season of Mist. The album lacks no real extra features, the production remains the same and the only noticeable difference is a bonus demo track, more and more this re-release feels like a waste of time for a band who were already popular enough in the modern death metal circuit as it was.

That’s not to say The Aura is all bad, the band does an admirable job of blending some very likeable riffs in with some half-decent ambient-esque segments, in between all the sheer fret board lovery. In fact, it’s not even all the over-the-top technicality that bothers me most about this album; it’s the production. Everything on this record is produced to a high plastic sheen, and the band seems to want to let the most light shine on their bassist: Dominic Lapointe. Lapointe’s use of a fretless bass seems to have garnered attention from every young metalhead around the globe, his technical quality shining obnoxiously through the music so loudly that it even takes preference over the lead guitars half the time; and it’s not used in the same groovy way Primus utilises the bass forefront, it’s used solely for the purpose of showing off the immense amount of bass wank there is on this record. And it doesn’t help that the bass tone sounds god-awful. I mean, really, it’s pitiful. In the opening track, there are parts where the bass sounds like a moaning woman–so much so that I had to pause and rewind just to make sure it was actually part of the music–and half the time otherwise it sounds like wet rubber stretching to breaking point.

Bass rants aside; Beyond Creation’s music veers dangerously to the border between technical death metal and deathcore. The use of more hardcore-oriented guttural vocals and at times, pig squealing, shrieking deathcore highs and breakdowns that just don’t feel like a classic death metal romp and more like a deathcore chugdown lets the music down, in between all the useless soloing and immensely over-produced drumming which leaves just about everything to the imagination. The vocals just lack any kind of solid death metal aesthetic and feel hollow and lifeless at the forefront of the hollow and lifeless music. The demo track for ‘Injustice Revealed’ sounds more or less exactly the same, just not quite as polished as its final form as The Aura’s fifth track. It sits as a pretty useless add-on to this re-release and serves as nothing if not a detriment to the record.

The Aura sits as another hour of soulless nothingness, feeling rather dull and because of its long run-time, its disengaging music leaves the listener to their own devices. It’s flat, it’s mediocre, it’s plastic, it’s an empty husk of death metal that uses its technical ferocity as a gimmick for nothing less than utter mediocrity. Beyond Creation have a vibrant and promising career ahead of them.


1. No Request For The Corrupted
2. Coexistence
3. Chromatic Horizon
4. Omnipresent Perception
5. Injustice Revealed
6. Le Détenteur
7. The Aura
8. Social Disability
9. Elevation Path
10. The Deported


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