Paradise Found Disband


Australian Newcastle locals have just announced the ending of Paradise Found. The metallic hardcore project was steadily gaining attention after the release of their debut EP. The statement (from the band’s Facebook) is as follows:

“It comes with great sadness that we announce the conclusion of Paradise Found as a band.
Every member is now facing a particular challenge in their life that makes the commitment to this band close to impossible and we have all had to make the difficult decision to pull the plug.
We are so sorry to all our friends that have made Paradise Found a part of their life. But we honestly hope that we have made a difference in our time together to a music scene that was almost non-existent. We are proud to walk away and say that we have helped build a music scene in which everyone can gather and enjoy the music that they love, and a scene where the creation of new bands and new music is very possible. 
If you ever purchased our music, a shirt or a ticket to our show, we thank you so much for the support – it really meant the world to us.
And although the band has come to an end, all of us will never cease being musicians with big ideas – so be on the lookout for any future projects that might arise. 
In the meantime, R.I.P Paradise Found.”



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