Ágona – Homo Grotescus


In the ever growing face of mediocre death metal there will occasionally be those acts that will stand over the rest and look down, celebrated by their peers and of course, the fans of quality death metal. “Homo Grotescus” is an almost hour long of crushing madness, giving life to this stagnating genre. Ágona makes the most of some solid traits and a rather crystal clear production to present a wall of grooves, screams and thoroughly controlled death metal mayhem. It might go without saying that there are plenty of other bands out there, even some that do it better, but “Homo Grotescus” is a refreshing take on something that could have gone either way. Ágona have backed themselves as musicians who know what they are doing. The band’s 2013 release backs that premise, smashing all the redundant stereotypes that generally come with new releases in this particular genre, ensuring that the band’s voice will be heard. Ágona’s modern twist sees “Homo Grotescus” make a certain head way in modern metal that for one reason or the next is hard to find.

Instrumentally, the album fits like a nail in a piece of wood and if continuing the metaphor is something readers are into, it’s a sound that’s driven home in one swing. Ágona may just resonate in a language other than English but the sentiment combined with this impressive show of instrument ability allows for the album to come together with little to no regret, this is an album that any death metaler would be glad to bang their heads to.

Other than the fact that this death metal release completely ticks all the boxes, there is something about this specific release that transcends the typical, breaking what would be considered the norm. From pounding rhythmic, mid-tempo drum sections to decadently gorgeous high octane groove chord progressions that push the album along full throttle. But just as much as the record turns the dial to “11” there are also moments where each instrument steps back allowing an almost atmospheric build up to the start of tracks. This is great, it displays the band’s maturity when coming to the song writing and fairly enough, the whole album benefits. It just goes to show, you don’t need to be constantly slamming the listener with the heaviest, fastest, hardest and most aggressive to get your point across in the metal industry. Ágona show sometimes, that less is simply more.

1. Regressão
2. Predestinados
3. Redomas
4. Maldição
5. Unon
6. Homo Grotescus
7. Utopia
8. A Sombra
9. Cavalo de Tróia
10. Gaia
11. Grande Perdedor
12. Unon (English Version)


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