We, The Betrayed Interview


Recently, MeltingAlbumReviews sat down with We, The Betrayed vocalist Jamie and guitarist Mitch to discuss their first music video, touching on a personal topic (or two) and the band’s short and long-term goals.

1. How does it feel to have published your debut music video, is this the first step to getting noticed?

Jamie:[It] feels great to finally have it out, was a long journey getting this single out, a lot of time and effort, glad its paying off and people are enjoying it, and yes it is the first step of many.

Mitchell:It feels incredible to release it!!! The response we have received so far has been truly overwhelming.

2.Are there any recordings in process, if so, when can we expect to see/hear them?

Jamie:Not at this moment, will focus more on promoting our single and playing shows, then [we] will hopefully hit the studio a bit later on this year to record our debut EP.

Mitchell: Atm [At the moment] we haven’t got any recordings in process, but have a few things in mind for the up and coming months

3.Being in a local band, do you get a kick out of seeing familiar faces or fans that frequent your shows, no matter how small the event?

Jamie:Our first show is actually this Saturday night, so we will [have to wait and] see.

4.Name the band/s you would like to tour with if given the opportunity.

Jamie:[I] would like to play shows with bands more in our genre, so I would say, Dream On, Dreamer, Like Moths To Flames, We Came As Romans, Woe Is Me, The Amity Affliction, Motionless In White just to name a few…

Mitchell: I would love to go on tour with Enter Shikari and Parkway Drive, Two of my biggest influences!!!

5.Time to get personal, If you had a man crush on a famous musician – who would it be?

Jamie:Man crush..on a famous musician..man, I don’t know [haha], probably Benjamin Burnley from Breaking Benjamin, his voice says it all.

Mitchell: Wow, That is a hard one. I do idolize so many but if i had to pick one it would be…..Kurt cobain!

6. What are your views on how people “obtain” their music? Are you in support of a free system, or would you prefer that everything is paid for, from the album, to the merchandise, to even the drinks at shows?

Jamie:As much as free downloads help spread your band at the end of the day its all about supporting the band, when we have an EP released it would be nice to know people will support us in buying our CD’s, but so long as people are enjoying us that’s all that really matters.

Mitchell: I believe in getting your music out there for exposure. If it’s a free download that’s great, If I have to buy it I will! I would do anything to support the music that i like and other musicians. Unfortunately in the music scene these days, everyone is running at a loss, so every musician has to try hard to get notice and exposure whilst living out of pocket.

Thank you for sitting down with me today and putting up with occasional random questions. It’s good to see that the Newcastle area is serious about the music they produce rather than than hopping on trends. Here’s to an energetic and successful future.


We, The Betrayed play at The Hunter Valley Brewery, Maitland, April the 26th alongside The Getaway Plan. For more information: http://www.facebook.com/events/135915716582910/?group_id=0

Like We, The Betrayed on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/WeTheBetrayedAU?fref=ts

Illuminate Official Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puvowdFWayE


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